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May. 3rd, 2010 07:44 am The BIG 10 or 16 or so...................

The Big Ten is thinking corporate growth.  Rumors are flying about the Big Ten swallowing parts of the Big East, like Pitt, Syracuse and Rutgers.  They'd try to get Syracuse, but they don't play football anymore.  It seems the strategy is to get the conference into the Eastern TV market. 

HFN is not sure how that translates into better educational opportunities for students, but it looks like the conference is dead set on expansion.    The conference commissioner, Jimmy Delany, is talking maybe 16 teams.  Good bye Big East.

When did the Big Ten stop being an organization with the mission of providing athletic opportunities for students and become a media empire?  

HFN says this is wrong.    

You know there will be competition by other media empires to expand.  The Pac 10 is talking about adding Utah, BYU or Colorado.   No doubt the $EC will want to add teams.   Texas and Texas A&M are always looking for better deals.  

Is Goldman Sachs running college football these days?

And Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany,

Please report to HFN,

With your head on a platter.

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Apr. 28th, 2010 07:37 am Now the Draft is Over

Now the Draft is over, it's the long dark part of the year until training camp opens in late July.

Chad Ocho-Cinco on "Dancing with the Stars" won't cut it. He chumpzilla with extra chump sauce on top.

The NBA Play-offs? Passable basketball if you like your hoops playground.

Baseball? These guys get paid how much? Ryan Howard? If he was a real athlete he'd put on pads.

Late Spring and Summer are the sad times.

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Apr. 23rd, 2010 07:54 am Tim Tebow skips Heaven, opts for NFL Draft

Florida QB Tim Tebow skipped Heaven and opted for the  2010 NFL Draft, where he was picked in the 1st Round by the Denver Broncos. 

Denver must have needed a fullback, because there's no way Tebeau fits as an NFL type quarterback.  Denver already has Kyle Orton, and recently picked up former Golden Domer Brady "Son of Martha" Quinn, and both these guys are taller and have better arms than Tebeau.  

Tebeau played fullback when Florida had Chris Leak at QB. 

Noteworthy so far is that incredibly over-rated Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen was not picked in the first round, nor was Texas QB Colt McCoy.   HFN rates both as "crummy".   

The NFL Draft, once a weekend event staged in a small auditorium in Madison Square Garden and only watched live by Jets fans with a  penchant for self-punishment, has grown to a huge three day media event, fueled by the marketing arm of ESPN.   

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Apr. 20th, 2010 07:48 am Big Ben - The Bell Tolls for You

HFN looked up "moron" in the dictionary and saw a picture of Steelers' QB Ben Roethlisberger.

Big Ben's been in trouble before. Readers may remember Big Ben's motorcycle accident a few years ago when Ben was attempting to channel Evel Knievel by attemptingt a stunt whereby he put his unprotected cranium through a car windshield. The windshield won. Big Ben escaped serious injury because his melon-head contains no vital organs.

Lately the Big Dummy has been in trouble with the law. Public drunkenness, sexual assault, more than one incident. The nicest thing you can say about the Benster is that maybe he should be out of football without pay - for a long time. No team on Earth needs a retard like Bennie, but do the Steelers take action? Nothing yet.

Hey Big Ben, Plaxico needs a cellmate at the Big House. Idiot.

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Apr. 19th, 2010 07:53 am The NFL Draft goes PRIME TIME

This year's NFL Draft begins with the first round in PRIME TIME on THursday, followed by rounds two and three on Friday, again prime time, finishing with the final four rounds on Saturday.

ESPN is televising the event.

The Los Angeles Rams at St. Louis have the first pick. The Rams suck in every aspect of tackle football, so they are begging the NFL to trade their first round pick for a TARP - toxic athletes recovery package. But government bailouts aren't part of NFL - only sissy, sit-to-pee bankers get those. The Rams are on their own, and current management and ownership look to be as capable of running a football team as AIG management is of running an insurance corporation. Idiots.

Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford is expected to be the first pick - HFN rates Bradford as the best college quarterback of the last twenty five years. The Rams are expected to use their pick to ruin Bradford's life, but if he's smart, and he is, he'll demand a draft day trade, like John Elway and Eli "Son of Archie and brother of Peyton-Moon" Manning did.

HFN is glad to see the draft where it belongs, in PRIME TIME, on national TV. It's the most important event of the Spring Season, so why not? And here's good luck to Sam Bradford - if he can get away from the Rams and on to another team, where he can have the brilliant NFL career he is more than capable of having.

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Apr. 7th, 2010 07:39 am NCIS

What's Network TV;s biggest hit show? NCIS. The detective drama follows a team from NCIS - the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. While the real NCIS may be concerned mostly with drug busts, shoplifting at the base commissary or AWOL's, this NCIS team seems to only investigate murders - at a rate which if was real, would deplete the Navy to the point they would need to bring back the draft just to get a destroyer out to sea.

The team is led by Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, who head slaps his subordinates into action. Also on board are an Israeli ex-pat (how many of them are there, really?), some schmuck named DiNozo, the primary for Gibbs' head hockey, Ilya Kuryakin from "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", and a few other less than realistic oddballs.

Each episode involves some sort of strange murder or a marine or naval officer, the team follows some convoluted forensic trail, they find the killer - who never goes to trial, because Special Agent Gibbs ends up gunning him down.

Why is this in the HFNZONE? Because Special Agent Gibbs is played by former UCLA quarterback Mark Harmon, hero of the 1972 Nebraska game, when the Bruins snapped the Huskers' 33 game win streak.

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Nov. 11th, 2006 08:07 am This Week in College Football History - Nov. 13 - 19

This Week in College Football History: Thanks again to the National Football Foundation
Nov. 13 - Nov. 19

Featured Moment:

November 14, 1970: A charter jet carrying Marshall’s football team crashes near Huntington, W.Va., on a return trip from a game with East Carolina. All on board, including head coach Rick Tolley, team members, coaching staff and several Thundering Herd boosters, perish in the single worst air tragedy in college sports history.

The new movie, “We Are Marshall” from Warner Bros. Pictures, will have a special screening at the College Football Hall of Fame on November 14, 2006 in South Bend, Ind., on the 36-year anniversary of the event. The motion picture will be released publicly on Dec. 22.

Other Notable Dates:

November 13, 1982: Southern Miss downs Alabama 38-29 in Tuscaloosa to end the Crimson Tide’s 57-game winning streak at Bryant- Denny Stadium. The defeat marks Bama’s first loss at home since 1963.

November 15, 1969: Tennessee LB Steve Kiner terms Mississippi as a “bunch of mules, not football horses” in a preseason interview. The comments spur 1989 College Football Hall of Fame QB Archie Manning and the Rebels to a 38-0 blitzing of the No. 3 Volunteers in Jackson, Miss., during the 100-year anniversary of college football.

November 16, 1991: Brigham Young and San Diego State play to a 52-52 tie in San Diego, the highest scoring tie ever in NCAA history. The tie was the only blemish on the Cougars’ Western Athletic Conference 7-0-1 worksheet, ending BYU’s seven-game winning streak.

November 17, 1916: Rice establishes a still-standing school record with 146 points in a 146-3 win over future Southwest Conference opponent SMU. The Owls and Mustangs later become partners in the Western Athletic Conference and Conference USA.

November 17, 1923: Kansas City University falls to St. Mary’s (Kan.) 131-0 to cap a 0- 6 season, in which KCU was outscored 623- 0.

November 17, 1934: Yale upsets previously undefeated Princeton 7-0. The Bulldogs’ 11 starters played the entire 60 minutes, the last time in college football this iron-man feat took place. Heisman Trophy winner Larry Kelley caught the winning touchdown pass as documented in retired New York Times writer Bill Wallace's book “Yale's Ironmen.”

November 18, 1922: Dick Dunn of California sets an 84-year-old individual mark by scoring 36 points (six touchdowns) in the Golden Bears’ 61-13 victory over Nevada en route to a final 9-0-0 mark.

November 19, 1966: An injury-prone Notre Dame team runs out the clock in the fading seconds to preserve a 10-10 tie with Michigan State in the “Game of the Century.” One week later, the Fighting Irish win 51-0 at Southern California to close 9-0-1 and win the wire services’ national championship

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Oct. 30th, 2006 07:37 pm National College Football Day - November 4th

Nearly 100 spectators gathered around a field in New Brunswick, N.J., on Nov. 6, 1869 to witness a game unlike anything seen before. The competition between Rutgers and Princeton was "replete with surprise, strategy, prodigies of determination and physical prowess," to use the words of one player.

On that day 137 years ago, the Scarlet Knights defeated Princeton, 6-4, but more importantly, the players left a lasting legacy that would evolve into the great spectacle of intercollegiate football. To honor the birth of an American institution, the AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic created a holiday held annually on the first Saturday of November.

Join us in celebrating the third annual NATIONAL COLLEGE FOOTBALL DAY. Wear your lapel pin on Saturday, Nov. 4, and pay tribute to this significant event in our country's history.

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Oct. 29th, 2006 11:53 am Memo to Staff.

Memo to Staff from the HFN Editor:

What the heck in a handcart is going on with staff members going to foreign countries like Spain and Red China right in the middle of football season?

There is no football in Spain or Red China or any of those other countries, so there really is no point in going there.

--The Editor.

Do you see a football stadium here? Do you?

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Oct. 28th, 2006 02:22 pm Save the Big House Update.


Under pressure from Save The Big House and the threat of
legal action for violations of Michigan's Freedom of Information Act,
the U-M Athletic Department released initial stadium renovation
plans last week :

As these renderings illustrate, the Athletic Department's
radical, $354.7 million luxury box plan bears no relation to the
existing stadium design. Also note that - a month from the expected
November 17 vote - these plans offer zero perspective on what these
massive luxury box towers would look like from inside the stadium.
And despite its massive brick facade, the current plan fails to
hide the ugly truth: that private luxury boxes simply don't belong
in the Big House.

On the shortest of notice, the Athletic Department has
scheduled three public forums on the stadium project. We need as many
luxury box opponents as possible to attend, challenging U-M
officials on this misguided design scheme. The forums are:

Thursday, October 26 at 7 p.m.
U-M Ann Arbor campus
Junge Family Champions Center (between Crisler Arena and
the Stadium)

Monday, October 30 at 7 p.m.
U-M Flint campus
303 E. Kearsley St.
University Center - The Ontario Room

Wednesday, November 1 at 7 p.m.
U-M Dearborn campus
4901 Evergreen
University Center—Kochoff Hall, Section A

The U-M Board of Regents is expected to vote on the project
at its November 17 meeting in Ann Arbor. We need to continue to
pressure University officials to reject the radical, divisive luxury
box plan, and instead pursue a renovation that honors tradition and
unites the Michigan family.

Please send e-mails to the Regents at
President Coleman at
and Athletic Director
Martin at
and urge your friends, family and colleagues to do the same. Time is
short. We must speak out now to save the stadium we love.

Go Blue!
Save The Big House

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